Our Services

We aspire to offer world-class passive telecom infrastructure and add maximum value to the service providers

What we do

We offer Telecom Towers that are Shared by all the Telecom Operators in India. Be it 2G, 3G, 4G or futuristic 5G, we enable the Telecom Networks, through our 28,000 Telecom Towers located across all the 22 Telecom Circles.

By using our infrastructure, Telecom Operators build, operate and manage their networks, while saving on CAPEX and OPEX. As a pioneer in the field, we understand Telecom Operators’ needs and challenges as well as dynamics of the market.

Our state of the art infrastructure offers high availability network, backed by stringent Service Level Agreement.

“ Shared Telecom Tower Infrastructure”

Shared Telecom Tower Infrastructure

Our Service Offerings

We offer telecom towers
that are shared by
Telecom Operators


Our Value Proposition to Telecom Operators:

01 Expand your network on our 28,000 towers, located across all 22 Telecom Circles.

02 Leverage our ready infrastructure for Quick Time to Market.

03 Grow your network for both Coverage and Capacity.

04 Our fixed and predictable OPEX model enables you to divert your precious capital towards core activities.

GTL Infra’s Differentiators:

01 Our Network Planning Team acts as your extended arm for Analysis Mapping of Site on parameters of Height, RF Propagation, Terrain data and Transmission Backhaul.

02 Our Project Team ensures each site is Ready For Installation of Electronics for Telecom Operators, anywhere in India.

03 Our Site Management Team facilitates unhindered access to Telecom Site for Quick Preventive Maintenance and Site Upgradation.

04 We offer a good blend of Urban and Rural Tower Portfolio, to spread the Network. Our Towers in Rural India exceeding 40 meter height provide good Line of Site to Telecom Operators.

Estate Management Team
facilitates unhindered
access to the telecom
operator as our tenant


We Ensure


Value Additions