Life @ GTL Infra

Our human capital being the most important asset, we ensure their growth and success through bouquet of benefits, namely –

Learning & Development at GTL Infra

Best in Class Training Opportunity

Learning & Development

Employees are provided with Leadership, Functional and Soft Skills training opportunities to help them grow and perform better. Learning needs are defined on the basis of business objectives and individual competencies. We sponsor employees for training in premium Institutes like ISB Hyderabad, IIMs, etc.

Here are the feedbacks from our employees on their experience during training:

“This is the best training I have undertaken in my career so far.” (An employee from Mumbai Circle)


“It was an amazing experience knowing a beautiful person like me and falling for myself all over again.” (An employee from rest of Maharashtra Circle)


“The training was very useful for developing work ethics as well as interpersonal skills.” (An employee from Rest of Tamil Nadu Circle)

Rewards & Recognition at GTL Infra

Awards @ GTL Infra

Rewards & Recognition

Awards @ GTL Infra

We encourage meritocracy and nurture a high performance culture by encouraging employees through our Rewards and Recognition Program.

The different category of awards are –

Excellence Awards

Excellence recognised at every level.

Hosted once every quarter, the ‘Excellence Awards’ build continuous excitement among employees and encourages them to deliver better. The awardees’ names get displayed on the awards wall. These awards are focused and awarded to employees who go beyond their jobs to contribute to the organization objectives.

Spot Awards

Spot Awards are designed to recognize special contributions, as they occur for a specific project or task. These awards may be presented at any time to ensure immediate recognition to employees.

Annual Awards

Every noteworthy contribution is appreciated.

A mega event which takes place at the end of the financial year recognizes achievers in 14 Award Categories. The criteria and metrics for each category are announced at the beginning of the year.

Employee Engagement at GTL Infra

Working @ GTL Infra is Fun

Employee Engagement

Fostering oneness.

Working with GTL Infra is a fun filled experience.

Open Houses, sharing of key business articles with employees for discussion and ideation, Annual Awards, Induction Program, Training and Motivational Speakers, Potluck Lunch, KRA Week, Wellness Programs, Celebrating Excellence (The Award Wall), and events like Football and Cricket matches are all part of the events that bind us together.

Work-life Balance

We aim to deliver a balance between work and personal responsibilities. We take sincere efforts to help employees improve work-life balance, improve their morale, increase job satisfaction and strengthen their commitment towards the organization.

GTL Infra's employees as Positrons

CSR Positrons

Employee volunteerism and participation on CSR initiatives

Positrons contribute in the areas of Education, Health, Disability and Community Development.

GTL Infra has partnered with Global Foundation to create volunteering opportunities in CSR. The objective is to promote a culture of volunteering among employees and inculcate human transformation through volunteering. Our employee volunteers are known as “Positrons”.

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Employees Speak!

GTL Infra has been a great learning experience for me. From day one, they have placed emphasis on enhancing my skills and knowledge right from the induction training to the technical training and the mentorship programme.


The culture at GTL infra is positively infectious. Getting employees involved in other social causes also helps us get a balanced perspective on life and makes us feel that we are also contributing to society.