According to the data by United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, there are a billion peoples with disabilities worldwide. One in five of the world’s poorest people have disability. For Global Sustainable Development we must be inclusive. With this objective, Global Foundation is committed to tap the potential of differently able people and integrate them with national economic system and productive force. The Projects –

GTL Infra being the top Telecom Tower Company in India has taken an initiative called Netra to empower the lives of visually impaired.


Global Foundation has set up an Advanced Computer Training Centre in Mumbai, to empower the lives of Visually Impaired through IT Training and Education. Students are trained with the help of screen reader JAWS software. Programs offered are Basic Computer Course with MS Office & Internet, Advance Computer Course with C++, C+, SQL, HTML, Net and Java, English Language and Skills Development Program and Hardware Training for the Partially Blind.

Social Impact: Since 2014, 115 students have passed out from Global Foundation’s Advance Computer Training Center for the Visually Blind.

GTL Infra's Global Foundation launched an Eye Donation Awareness Campaign at the national level.


Global Foundation creates awareness on eye donation through mass media campaigns and posters displayed by its volunteers. Global Foundation launched an Eye Donation Awareness Campaign at the national level through various newspapers in association with Eye Bank Coordination and Research Centre in Mumbai.

Social Impact: There was a sharp increase in eye donation over a period of time. To support the cause, GTL Infra volunteers have also pledged for eye donation.